5 Tips To An Energy Efficient Roof

Roofs are the essential structures that act as a defense line against direct summer heat and winter cold. Though they are of utmost importance, their worth isn’t realized, until they start degrading. To enjoy more comfortable and cozy interiors, owning an energy efficient roof can do wonders. Moreover, it also helps in reducing the cost of monthly energy bills to a great extent. If you are residing in Edmonton, consult with Edmonton roof repair contractors to get your residential roof insulated.


Some ways to increase the efficiency of a roof are listed below:

1. Opt for non-black shingles

It is a proven theory that darker colors absorb more heat compared to the lighter ones. This applies to all surfaces, including the roofs. Since a roof top is exposed to direct sunlight for almost 13- 14 hours a day, it is prone to catch enough of heat that can increase the inside temperature. By choosing light colored shingles like grey or white, one can bring down the average temperature.

2. Use energy efficient materials

If your current roof is in a really bad condition and you are looking for roof replacement in Edmonton, ask your general contractor to use energy efficient materials. They generally include a metal sheet, clay tiles, flashing and energy star rated shingles.

3. Insulate the attic

After roofs, the other safety measure that protects a home against heat is attic insulation. It restricts the extreme temperature to infiltrate inside a building and promotes ventilation of conditioned air inside the attic. Since insulation features deteriorate over time, get a roof inspected yearly by a certified roofing company in Edmonton.

4. Add a roof coating

One of the easiest and effective way to cool down a roof is by adding a layer of cool coating. These roof coatings are available in both liquid and fibered PVC membrane forms. They are capable of reflecting sunlight in a better manner that increases the efficiency of a roof, so that it remains cooler.

5. Go Green

If you are a responsible citizen who is concerned about the rising environmental issues, then you should go for green roof alternatives. Opt for installing living roofs and grow some greenery on them, like sod and grass. This will help in keeping the roof and interiors cooler and will boost your share for mother nature. Green roofing needs to be maintained regularly. Opt for them, only if, you can take out enough of time for their maintenance.

These were the few easy ways to improve the energy efficiency of a roof. A2Z Roofing and Renovation is a professional roofing company that offers best-in-class roof repair, installation and maintenance, along with soffit, fascia, and rain gutter services in Edmonton at affordable prices.


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