Top 4 Reasons to Replace a Rain Gutter System

Rain gutters are designed to protect a property from the outcomes of structural and water damages. Gutter or eavestrough installation in Edmonton, not only saves a homeowner from costly roof repairs, but also helps in improving the looks of a property.

Its important to maintain and clean the gutter systems for a proper and clog free flow of rainwater.

By scheduling an appointment with Edmonton roof repair specialist, one can reduce the risk for premature shingle aging, gutter damage and other possible problems. Eavestrough replacement can help in keeping a roof in the best possible condition.


Few signs that indicate the time for gutter replacement are:

1. Damaged Gutters

One of the top signs pointing for gutter system replacement are cracks and sags. In case you have recently installed a shingled roof, chances are that the already present rain gutters or vinyl sidings may get damaged or cracked. After successful roof replacement, inspect these elements thoroughly to notice any major or minor cracks. Make sure that they are debris and clog free.

2. Pooling Water

Gutter installation is meant to allow the flow of water to move away from a premise. This prevents the risk of foundation and roof damage that often occurs due to the collection of contaminated water. Clogged gutters restrict the water flow towards the downspout, thereby, causing soil puddles around a home. Mildew and mold growth on the exterior walls is also a sign of failing or water pooled gutters.

3. Peeling Paint

For leaking gutters, water sprouting in downward direction can damage the wall paint. This problem can be detected by noticing the walls thoroughly. If there are water stains, moist walls and peeling paint on the exterior surface, it’s sure that an eavestrough is damaged and causing a leak. To avoid this problem, call in an Edmonton gutter installation expert to get them repaired or replaced professionally.

4. Sagging Gutters

It’s a common problem that have the only solution of new gutter installation. Move to the rooftop and look below, if there’s a gap between the wall and eavestrough, the gutter might have got sagged or pulled away. The possible reason may be the overfilled or heavily constructed gutters. Get them repaired by a professional, as soon as possible.

These were the few reasons asking for gutter replacement. A2Z Roofing and Renovation is a professional roofing company in Edmonton that specialize in roof repair, gutter installation and soffit maintenance for both residential and commercial clients at budget prices.


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