How to repair and maintain tile roof

Roof is a first line of defense against the various elements such as rain, storm, snow fall, wind and heat. A tile roof is able to provide various number of significant benefits and features over other types. Tile roofing is one of the oldest types of the roofing over the world. Tile roofing is help to increase the efficiency of heating and cooling system. Tile roofs come in various type of colors. Generally tiles for your roof are made with the mixture of clay and sand.


These tiles are highly durable for your roof but if you give attention on its maintenance and repair. A2Z Roofing & Renovation Ltd. in Edmonton show you some guidelines of tile roof repair and maintenance. Follow these guidelines to keep your tile roof years to come.

1. Clean debris from roof: If you have overhanging tree branches on your roof, cut them to reduce debris and leaves from roof. A minor damage due to tree branches can lead to major problem including leaks, broken and other. If you found huge amount of debris on your roof and you are not able to clean it, you can get the help of professional. They have latest equipment and tools that needed to clean debris and other dust particles from tile roof.

2. Fix and replace broken tiles: If you notice that you have broken or cracked tiles, replace them as soon as you find them. Otherwise it can make a big issue for you and this may be costly for you. Tiles can break easily through bad weather condition like high wind and large hail.

Cool_Roofing_Tile_roof_Repair3. Do not walk on tile roof: Keep in mind one thing, when you clean your roof, use roof ladder. If you walk directly on tiles, it will break tiles. Due to its concave shape, you cannot walk on tiles easily.

4. Hire professional: This is the best and greatest way to maintain and repair your roof easily. It might be costly but you get the good results from them. There are many reasons to get the help of professional for roofing maintenance like safety, latest equipment of roof repair and others. If you try to repair roof on your own, may be you get injured. But a professional is able to make your whole repair process easy and simple.

When it comes to repair and maintenance of roof, there are plenty of other things to keep you busy. Roofing repair is an important because it protect you and your family form many disaster weather conditions.  Leave you roof repair and maintenance project on the professionals of A2Z Roofing and Renovation in Edmonton.