5 Tips To An Energy Efficient Roof

Roofs are the essential structures that act as a defense line against direct summer heat and winter cold. Though they are of utmost importance, their worth isn’t realized, until they start degrading. To enjoy more comfortable and cozy interiors, owning an energy efficient roof can do wonders. Moreover, it also helps in reducing the cost of monthly energy bills to a great extent. If you are residing in Edmonton, consult with Edmonton roof repair contractors to get your residential roof insulated.


Some ways to increase the efficiency of a roof are listed below:

1. Opt for non-black shingles

It is a proven theory that darker colors absorb more heat compared to the lighter ones. This applies to all surfaces, including the roofs. Since a roof top is exposed to direct sunlight for almost 13- 14 hours a day, it is prone to catch enough of heat that can increase the inside temperature. By choosing light colored shingles like grey or white, one can bring down the average temperature.

2. Use energy efficient materials

If your current roof is in a really bad condition and you are looking for roof replacement in Edmonton, ask your general contractor to use energy efficient materials. They generally include a metal sheet, clay tiles, flashing and energy star rated shingles.

3. Insulate the attic

After roofs, the other safety measure that protects a home against heat is attic insulation. It restricts the extreme temperature to infiltrate inside a building and promotes ventilation of conditioned air inside the attic. Since insulation features deteriorate over time, get a roof inspected yearly by a certified roofing company in Edmonton.

4. Add a roof coating

One of the easiest and effective way to cool down a roof is by adding a layer of cool coating. These roof coatings are available in both liquid and fibered PVC membrane forms. They are capable of reflecting sunlight in a better manner that increases the efficiency of a roof, so that it remains cooler.

5. Go Green

If you are a responsible citizen who is concerned about the rising environmental issues, then you should go for green roof alternatives. Opt for installing living roofs and grow some greenery on them, like sod and grass. This will help in keeping the roof and interiors cooler and will boost your share for mother nature. Green roofing needs to be maintained regularly. Opt for them, only if, you can take out enough of time for their maintenance.

These were the few easy ways to improve the energy efficiency of a roof. A2Z Roofing and Renovation is a professional roofing company that offers best-in-class roof repair, installation and maintenance, along with soffit, fascia, and rain gutter services in Edmonton at affordable prices.


Top 4 Reasons to Replace a Rain Gutter System

Rain gutters are designed to protect a property from the outcomes of structural and water damages. Gutter or eavestrough installation in Edmonton, not only saves a homeowner from costly roof repairs, but also helps in improving the looks of a property.

Its important to maintain and clean the gutter systems for a proper and clog free flow of rainwater.

By scheduling an appointment with Edmonton roof repair specialist, one can reduce the risk for premature shingle aging, gutter damage and other possible problems. Eavestrough replacement can help in keeping a roof in the best possible condition.


Few signs that indicate the time for gutter replacement are:

1. Damaged Gutters

One of the top signs pointing for gutter system replacement are cracks and sags. In case you have recently installed a shingled roof, chances are that the already present rain gutters or vinyl sidings may get damaged or cracked. After successful roof replacement, inspect these elements thoroughly to notice any major or minor cracks. Make sure that they are debris and clog free.

2. Pooling Water

Gutter installation is meant to allow the flow of water to move away from a premise. This prevents the risk of foundation and roof damage that often occurs due to the collection of contaminated water. Clogged gutters restrict the water flow towards the downspout, thereby, causing soil puddles around a home. Mildew and mold growth on the exterior walls is also a sign of failing or water pooled gutters.

3. Peeling Paint

For leaking gutters, water sprouting in downward direction can damage the wall paint. This problem can be detected by noticing the walls thoroughly. If there are water stains, moist walls and peeling paint on the exterior surface, it’s sure that an eavestrough is damaged and causing a leak. To avoid this problem, call in an Edmonton gutter installation expert to get them repaired or replaced professionally.

4. Sagging Gutters

It’s a common problem that have the only solution of new gutter installation. Move to the rooftop and look below, if there’s a gap between the wall and eavestrough, the gutter might have got sagged or pulled away. The possible reason may be the overfilled or heavily constructed gutters. Get them repaired by a professional, as soon as possible.

These were the few reasons asking for gutter replacement. A2Z Roofing and Renovation is a professional roofing company in Edmonton that specialize in roof repair, gutter installation and soffit maintenance for both residential and commercial clients at budget prices.

How to Find Best Roofing Contractors in Edmonton

Roofing-in-SaanichInstalling a new roof is one of the most expensive home project. Finding the right roofing contractor is daunting more than installing a new roof. When you think about to hire a contractor, it is important to hire an experienced residential roofing contractor who can give you high quality services. A roof plays an important role to protect your personal valuables and family from the outside elements.

When you consider to choose the roof contractor, you may hear ads on radio or see many ads in new paper and may also find endless companies on the internet. There are so many roofing contractors who are not licensed and certified. Choosing the best and trustworthy company from the list is a very daunting task.
Here are some important tips that can help you to find the right roof company for your project.

1. Talk to Several Contractors: It is one of the easiest ways to find the reliable and trustworthy contractor to install a new roof into your house. You should talk to different roofing companies so you can get an estimate of their service and reasonable price range.

2. Check Credentials: After talking to various roofing companies, it is important that you ask them for credentials before making your decision. Reputable company should be insured and licensed. They also willing to show their credentials to your without any problem. Once you are satisfied with their services, it can reduce your all stress.

3. Go to Local: Make sure the roofing company that you select is local. Remember one thing, don’t make a mistake by hiring the company who is not operating locally, but have a reputation in the community. There are very less chances of scam when you choose a local contractor. Local contractors are more familiar with local rules and also have a great relationship with area suppliers.

4. Get Job Detail in Writing: It is highly advisable that you don’t pay any amount until the work is done completely. Before paying the amount, check your whole roof and make sure they done a job perfectly and professionally. Make sure you get all the terms of payment in writing before starting the job. Some companies charge hidden charges.

5. Ask Questions: You hand over your home to a stranger, so it is important that you ask some question to him like how long has the company been in business? Is the company registered? Does the contractor have a permanent office address? Does he use subcontractors?

6. Price is not Everything: Never choose a company who provides you cheap services. A reputable and trustworthy company never offer you cheap and low quality services. If any company do this, be aware.

It is very hard to argue against using the services. So, it is very important that you consider some crucial facts before hiring a roofing contractor. If you are looking for the reliable roofing services, contact to A2Z Roofing and Renovation Limited in Edmonton. Our professionals never disappointed you.

Six Most Common Roofing Problems by A2Z Roofing Renovation Limited

The roof is one of the best and expensive area of your house. A roof is a long time investment, but it does not mean it cannot suffer from any problem. By chance, if you get any damage problem, it can be very costly to you if you avoid it. Finding the problem early and repair it as soon as possible can save your hundreds of dollars.

There are numerous things can cause of roof damage such as roof material and others. When you find a small leakage roofing problem, repair it as soon as you can. If you fail to repair this leakage problem, it can become a big problem and damage your property. To keep your roof in good condition, inspect it on a regular basis.

Roof repair contractor in Edmonton helps you, if you face any problem with your roof.

1. Roof leakage and moisture problem: It does not matter which type of roof you have, leakage problem can occur any time with any material. A small leakage problem can lead to major damage. So, it is better you fix it immediately. There are many reasons of leakage problem such as heavy rain, heavy wind, snow and others.

2. Poor installation: A poor installation and unsatisfactory workmanship are the clear signs of roofing problems. A weak and poor installation can host a lot of issues. If you have wooden roof and have a moisture problem with it, your wood roof lead to rot issue.

3. Ponding water: Rain water collects on the roof, it’s called ponding water issue. It is a very common problem and it can damage your investment. This problem occurs in the rainy season. During the rainy season, water stands on the roof and create moisture issue.

4. Lack of maintenance: Lack of maintenance is the worst enemy of your roof. Most of the home owner does not give an attention on the roof problem until it convert into a big. They don’t have any idea that this habit one day can creates any big problem.
5. Overhanging trees: Trim the overhanging trees time to time. Overhanging branches can create many serious problems. If you have tree near to your house and it cover the largest part of your roof, remove it and protect your premises from any damage.

6. Broken and cracked roofing material: High wind and heavy rain are the causes of cracked roofing material. You are able to find missing shingles by inspecting the roof.

Have you ever had any roof problem? If yes, what did you do to solve this problem? You know, these problems can damage your whole premises. So, if you face any roofing problem in future, you can contact us. Our contractors would happy to assist you.

5 Tips To Choose The Right Roof

Don’t make a decision in hurry. Find the only trustworthy and reputable company. There are 5 tips to choose the right roof for your house by A2Z Roofing and Renovation Limited.


Choosing the right roof for your home is a very daunting task. There are different types of roofing material available in the market such as slate, metal, wood shakes and others. Whether you are building a new house or want to change existing roof, you need to consider few things before choosing it. Because installing a new roof on your house is not a joke. It is a very expensive investment.


Roof repair contractor in Edmonton listed few important tips that help you to choose the right roof for your new house. Check out this list to make your decision.

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAOmAAAAJDM5ZWE4YTg2LTVhZTctNGUxNi1iMjFjLWU1MDRmN2NiODA5NQ1. Think about your budget: Whether you want to renovate your home or construct a new house, budget plays an important role in any expensive project. Make sure, before start any project, you think about both short term and long term budget. To buy a budget friendly roof, there are many factors you need to consider including material and price.

roofing-materials-zip-roofing2. Pick the right material: A high quality material means a long life of your roof. On the other hand, you can say that the life of your roof depends on the material. If you choose a cheap quality material, may be you need to change it after one or two years. But the best quality material comes with minimum twenty year warranty period. Regular maintenance is the best way to keep your roof in good condition.

12583659_s3. Do not forget about weather: Before choosing the material for your roof, once consider about your geographical condition. If you live in heavy snowfall or heavy raining area, don’t think about heavy soffit because it adds an additional weight on your roof.

905480_orig4. Home style: Boost the value of your house style by selecting the right color of roof, according to your house architecture and color. If you have a Spanish style house, clay tiles are the best choice for you. You can check online which type of fascia style is good for your home.

media_247714_en-353x3535. Get the help of professional: If you are confused and don’t know which type of material is good for your house and you are not able to check the weather condition of your geographical area, you can consult with roofing professional. You don’t need to look here and there, just contact to A2Z Roofing and Renovation Limited.


Now, you have various helpful tips. Getting a roof is the biggest investment for any homeowner. So, when you are ready to install a roof in your new house or replace an old roof, contact to A2Z Roofing and Renovation Limited in Edmonton.